Well, hello there!  

My name is Natalie. As you may have noticed already, I enjoy diving into a range

of multimedia projects. On this site, you'll view some of my passion projects

as well as my ongoing obsession with learning Cinema 4D! 


As a Chatham University alumna, I completed my Bachelor of Arts & Master's

of Fine Arts in Film and Digital Technology back in 2014. Since then, I've

continued to challenge myself by staying up-to-date with technology,

software and new techniques. Let's face it, in this digital world, being a life-

long learner is a must!

Currently, I work as the Video Production Producer and Multimedia Designer 

for the IDEA Lab within for the Institute for Clinical Research at the University

of Pittsburgh. This position has helped me develop my video production skills

from pre to post production shooting, editing and motion graphics.

Here's some recent work:




Beyond my full-time position, you can find me planning my next podcast

episode about women empowerment through international experiences:



Facts about Nat:

  • I'm a proud fur-momma of the sweetest India-born stray rescue dog named Kira. Who rescued who? Of course Kira rescued me. 

  • During free time, I enjoy watching cinema 4D tutorials by EJ Hassenfratz -- He's one of my many fav 3D artists! 

  • Next international trip on my check list - Argentina. 


Buenos Viajes